Cement Australia Railton Tasmania Cement Dust Challenge

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023

The Client

Cement Australia’s Railton plant is the largest cement company in Tasmania and has been in operation, since 1923.

The plant produces in excess of one million tonnes of cement per annum, the majority of which is transported to Victorian and New South Wales markets.

The Challenge

ASC’s Ken Pepyat was asked by the management of Railton, to recommend a sweeper designed for and capable of sweeping up copious amounts of cement dust.

Railton cement had a competitive band of sweeper that blew a huge amount of dust while in operation and was extremely unreliable; to the point where they no longer chose to use it.

Ken had recommended the mine spec ASC heavy duty Eureka M8 diesel sweeper, as their best solution to eliminate a huge problem they had, in regard to their sweeping needs.

The machine is designed to sweep whole plants and ensure any owner of this product meets its air quality and OH&S requirements.

While the investment in the machine was quite sizable for the Cement Australia Railton Plant, the expected service life of 20 + years was well worth their effort in fighting to raise capex for its purchase.

The ASC Eureka M8 sweeper is designed to sweep areas that a traditional, oversized street sweeper cannot access, yet offer PM10 dust control, ensuring no labour disruptions while sweeping is in operation.

The Railton maintenance staff were quite taken aback by the quality build of the machine and simplicity of maintenance.

The Result.

The Capex was approved and Tasmania’s first ASC Eureka M8 went into operation at the plant.

ASC’s Ken Pepyat was on site for the delivery, handover and operator training / inductions.