Cheeky Foods Warehouse Cleaning Challenge

Updated on Monday, December 4, 2023

Food & Beverages

The Client

Cheeky Foods is the first direct importer of frozen fruits and vegetables in Melbourne. Established in 2009, the aim of the company has been to open a cultural trade through the experience of exotic and distinct Hispanic food.

The Challenge

Ricardo, from Cheeky foods, contacted ASC for a walk behind sweeper for their warehouse in Laverton North.
He wanted a simple machine that would sweep their warehouse, ensuring the area would be dust free, with minimal labour required.
ASC’s Ken Pepyat organised a demonstration for him and Ricardo loved how easy the MEP push sweeper was to operate.
He was very impressed when he witnessed what a great job it did, with sweeping and vacuuming up the fine dust.

The Result

Ricardo placed an order straight away, for the ASC MEP.