Chernco Engineering Cowra NSW

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023


Client Introduction

Chernco Engineering, located in Cowra, NSW is a specialist manufacturing and fabrication company. It is a vertically integrated engineering company with wide-ranging capabilities entailing CNC Machining, including everything from large-scale fabrication to HD profile cutting and manual tasks in between.

The Challenge

Managing Director, Mr. Mark Rankin, was facing the challenge of large-scale winds from the outback’s red dust consistently blowing into his facility. Besides, the dust and debris created from plasma cutters, welders, galvanizing kettles, painting facilities and CNC machines were also challenging to manage daily. When metal and shavings and water were added to these, Mark found it overwhelming and costly to keep the facility clean. Mark owned two sweepers from a competitive company previously; however, they weren’t efficient as they blew more dust than they picked up. Also, the running and maintenance costs were a constant headache for Mark. So, he was looking for a permanent and reliable cleaning solution for his daily sweeping after her previous sweepers broke down again!

The Solution

ASC’s Scott Campbell had arranged a demonstration for Mark. He demonstrated the industrial built ASC Eureka M6, which is proven to work in the harshest of conditions Australia wide. Being an engineer himself, Mark focused on the M6's build quality. He was keen to highlight to ASC’s Scott Campbell the M6’s impressive welds and metal bends that structured the M6’s machines integrity. Moreover, he was blown away by the machine’s performance after the demonstration. He also showed his interest in the ASC’s MEP push sweeper. He quickly understood the concept of such a small, simple, vacuum, and dust-free push sweeper. Soon Mark ordered the ASC EUREKA M6 Diesel rider sweeper along with not just one but three ASC MEP EUREKA push sweepers for Chernco Engineering.