Chicks Scrap Metal MEP

Updated on Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Waste & Recycling

Client introduction

Chicks Scrap Metal is based in Bibra Lake, WA.

They are in the metal recycling business.

Their goal is to recycle as much as they can and get it back into production.

The Challenge:

Chicks Scrap Manager, Bill, called locally based Manager Ross Sheehan to discuss his cleaning issue.

Bill wanted to collect as much dust and debris as possible off their facilities warehouse floor, to reduce trip hazards.

They face the Fremantle Doctor winds, which blows dust and dirt from neighbouring sites into his shed.

The benefit was also to keep the site cleaner for their customers.

The Solution:

The ASC Eureka MEP sweeper was simply the best machine for them.

Being a busy facility, a battery sweeper was not an alternative as no one would be responsible for the battery and charging it.

Bill, understanding this, saw the Eureka MEP as a very capable sweeper with minimal maintenance, other than push and empty. It was the best solution for this busy family business.

The Result:

Bill called Ross, placed an order and the MEP sweeper was happily received two days later