Clarks Logan City (QLD) invest with ASC

Updated on Monday, July 27, 2020

Transport & Railways

Clarks Logan City Bus Service is one of south-east Queensland’s fastest-growing bus companies with 127 buses and 186 staff providing urban public transport services to the local community.

The Problem.

Clarks Logan Buses has a large Transport Depot in Loganlea, half way between the Gold Coast and Brisbane. The company parks its fleet of buses at this depot also runs a large workshop facility.

Running such a large depot with acres of concrete span has certain environmental challenges. The buses drag into the facility a lot of road grime and debris from the road.

There is a lot of mud, gravel, grease and tar that needs to be swept daily in order for the company to maintain a very high standard of housekeeping.

The Solution.

Clarks Logan Buses made inquiries to various sweeper companies about the purchase of a road sweeper. They were looking for a product that was proven to work in outdoor environments and was reliable. The brief was that it had to be heavy duty and easy to maintain.

They finally chose the ASC Eureka M6 Diesel sweeper. While by no means the cheapest product on the market, the ASC M6 proved to be the best value due to its proven low running cost, best in class sweeping performance and extended service life when compared with other products.