Classiest Cleaners Qld Clean Up With ASC Eureka

Updated on Friday, October 8, 2021

Cleaning Contractor's

Client Introduction

The Classiest Cleaners are a Brisbane-based commercial cleaning company.

The Challenge

The Classiest Cleaners were faced with the challenge of keeping their facility clean. They were particularly worried about the time they needed to clean scrub the tiles and wanted an efficient solution. Besides, they were also having trouble keeping their large carpark clean.

The Solution

Jason Brown (Managing Director) contacted ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues and asked for a solution. He then purchased a rider Eureka E83 floor scrubber to clean the tiles at the front of the towers. He also bought an ASC Eureka M6 sweeper to clean the large carpark as recommended by Rafael.

ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues commissioned both machines with a proper handover, maintenance and operator training.