CMS Automotive (Tempe) Sydney Replaces His Old Floor Scrubber with ASC Factory Cat Floor Scrubber

Updated on Monday, July 27, 2020


CMS Automotive is based on Tempe’s busy Princess Highway.

For over 25 years CMS Automotive (auto & truck service workshop) has specialized in repairing all makes and models of passenger, 4 Wheel drive, commercial vehicles, light trucks, and even semi-trailers.

The Challenge

They run a busy workshop.

They contend with airborne dust from car pollution to grease and grime that works its way on to the floor from servicing a steady flow of incoming vehicles.

The floor is a is an epoxy finish that marks quite easily.

The floor has to be clean in order for the mechanics to be safe from falls as well as keeping the place in good looking order.

Owner Con Christos had purchases a ASC floor scrubber 8 year before for his workshop.

His older scrubber simply wore out due to the constant use.

He found I was more cost effective to replace it with a new one than to to repair his 8 years old floor scrubber.

The Solution

Con ordered a new ASC Factory Cat floor scrubber.

He now knows from previous experience that the new one will last another 8 years and keep his facility clean in much faster time than manually cleaning.


Man Using ASC Factory Cat Scrubber 1

Man Using ASC Factory Cat Scrubber 2

Cms Automotive Workshop