Coffee Roasting Systems Botany NSW

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Coffee Roasting Systems is well respected & admired coffee outlet that creates its own coffee from different blends of coffee beans sourced around the globe.

The company has also diversified its operation by manufacturing and developing premium top end Coffee Roasting machines.

Founded by Mr. Dan Fitzimmons the company is at the forefront of coffee innovation and superb tasting coffee.

The Problem.

Mr. Fitzimmons has a well-known Café based at 360 Botany Road Alexandria (Sydney). The café is very well patronized with loyal clientele.

Dan’s Café had a problem in the sense that he is based on a very busy road lined with trees. Anyone that knows the Alexandria / Botany area knows that there is a constant cross wind that blows through the streets and blows a lot of leaves and rubbish down the streets. The road is very busy with traffic and attracts a lot of dust and pollution too.

In these city streets is quite common to see the shopfronts swept with push brooms daily in order keep the shopfronts welcoming and clean.

Dan had decided there must be a better solution to sweeping and called ASC for a solution.

The Solution.

Mr. Fitzimmons asked for a site consult and was recommended a ASC MEP sweeper. He purchased the machine. He now has the ability to sweep the footpath outside his shop in 7 minutes. Prior to the purchase of the MEP this process would take in excess of 30 minutes. The arrival of the MEP sweeper has also allowed his staff to sweep his shop café floor which again makes his cleaning regime much more efficient.