Com-Al/ Madrid Management FC Micro-mag client solution

Updated on Monday, July 27, 2020


Com-Al WA invest with ASC’s Ross Sheehan.


Com-Al are a large aluminum and glass user in the suburbs of Perth, they design, manufacture and install commercial windows, doors and curtain walling systems.

In 2019 they purchased a Eureka MEP sweeper with the intention of looking into a floor scrubber later.


The production area is split in two, glass and aluminum. They wanted a machine to scrub the area periodically to remove stains and forklift wheel marks.

In the past Com-Al had hired a floor scrubber but now wanted to be more flexible with being able to clean areas as required.


WA Area Manager Ross Sheehan knew the building from previous visits and had a few options on hand. Ross presented two floor scrubbers to Miriam and the owner Peter.

They liked the Factory Cat Micro Mag scrubber and after the demonstration they decided as it was the right scrubber for the production shed as it had a traction drive which allowed the operator to easily scrub the long aisles of the aluminum racking and the maneuverability to get between the fixed equipment.


The machine was delivered in early January 2020 and with a 30 minute training to the relevant staff of the best way to operate the Micro mag scrubber.

Com-Al now have the ability to sweep and scrub their floors at any time.