ASC MEP Sweeps The Com-AI Windows & Glass’ Facility Clean In First Go

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

Mining . Warehouse

Com-Al Windows and Glass, Maddington WA is a Perth (Western Australia) business established way back in 1970.

They are a supplier of aluminium windows for temporary housing in Australian mining towns and employ over 70 people.

The company inquired with ASC about getting a floor scrubber as they had previously hired one to clean the floor twice a year.

ASC Ross Sheehan was consulted to look at their cleaning issues and quickly diagnosed that the real issue was to sweep the floor free of dust, glass and aluminium flecks.

Their floor space is littered with mobile benches and machines which don’t allow for easy cleaning . They also have a large outdoor area that causes debris to work its way inside the building.

Ross demonstrated a ASC MEP to their Workshop manager that not only impressed him but also showed firsthand how well it could sweep up fine dust and debris.

Upon purchase the machine immediately cleaned  up their facility.

Indirectly they also got quicker working pace due to labour time spent manually cleaning allowing workers more time on production lines.

Less airborne dust settling on work that has been completed means a better quality finished product that is ready for dispatch.

ASC MEP At Com-AI Windows & Glass 1
ASC MEP At Com-AI Windows & Glass 2