Container Refrigeration (WA) Sweeper Solution

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

Logistics & Distribution

Container refrigeration was established in 1987 and is a family owned company supplying and servicing containers and affiliated products.

Specializing in refrigeration containers for sale and hire, along with maintenance to containers and are agents for Carrier, Thermo-king and Daikin.

The Challenge:

Micheal (Stores manager) area contacted ASC’S  Ross Sheehan directly from the ASC website and enquired about a sweeping machine.

They were using a 2 metre wide hand broom to clean their facility.

This was a very slow process and extremely dusty considering the size of the shed and its age.

They had 3 sections inside the shed. Welding, refrigeration foam and a stores area.

The shed is an older open type design.

The Solutions:

ASC’s Ross Sheehan did a onsite demonstration of both the Eureka MEP and Mach 1 sweeper.

The machines was demonstrated inside the shed. The staff were amazed by how quickly the facility could be swept dust free.

The result:

The following day the Container Refrigeration office placed the order for the ASC MEP sweeper.

When ASC’s Ross Sheehan delivered the MEP to site Micheal was extremely pleased that he would no longer be breathing in airborne dust and his stores parts would finally be dust free.