Contract Power Reinvests with ASC New Machines

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023


Client introduction:

Contract Power has been working in the power generation industry for several decades across Australia and now around the world. The demand on power generation in remote mining locations and communities has led this growth. They are based in Kewdale (Perth) and are increasing their footprint by having built a new building to house their growth.

The Challenge:

The company had purchased many old ASC machines 8 to 10 years ago. Some of the fleet needed some TLC. The Perth based ASC Service technician was called to process the job at hand.

The dawning of the new workshop opened a new challenge & Contract Powers Manager Ash wanted to invest in new cleaning machinery for the new building where they dispatch generators enroute to remote sites.

The floor was painted & Ash’s main concern was the covering of dust on the floor.

He wanted the floor looking great for visitors.

The Solutions:

ASC’s WA Area Manager Ross Sheehan discussed the situation with Ash. Ross explained that the Eureka machines were proven to handle the Australian conditions best and passed on the prices and details for consideration. This quickly progressed to a demonstration and the main issue was to whether to use a brush or scourer pads.

The Result:

After a demonstration and sampling many different cleaning detergents it was decided the combination of the ASC MEP push sweeper & the ASC Eureka E 83 was the way to go.

The ASC MEP was to be used every day to keep the dust and dirt from getting driven into the painted floor and the ASC Eureka E83 ride on floor scrubber to be used weekly to remove the grime.

This size scrubber allows for the job to be completed quickly so the operator could leave earlier on a Friday afternoon saving overtime cleaning.

Both the ASC MEP and ASC E83 were stocked in the ASC WA Warehouse and were delivered soon after the order was placed ready to work.