Cooper & Jones Industrial Warehouses Challenge

Updated on Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Warehouses & Distribution

Client introduction:

Cooper & Jones Plumbing is a large plumbing company based in the northern suburb of Wangara (WA) and have a long-term relationship with Perth’s construction companies. They provide wide range of services including sewer drainage, storm water, sanitary plumbing, natural & LPG gas services and fire hydrant/hose reel.

The Challenge:

Larry (Director of Cooper & Jones Plumbing) sought the expertise of ASC’s Ross Sheehan to recommend a sweeping machine for his large warehouse.

The facility has a variety of vehicles and plumbing equipment that enters the warehouse daily for regular servicing.

There facility faced the daily challenge of constant dirt and debris that entering the facility from other adjoining Industrial warehouses as well as yellow sand being blown in from local roadways.

The Solution:

ASC’s WA Manager Ross Sheehan arranged to demonstrate the two ASC sweepers that fitted the budget and scope of the facility.

The ASC Eureka MEP push sweeper with dust control and the larger battery powered ASC Eureka M1.

Whilst both sweepers performed very well, the M1 was seen to be a better option as Cooper & Jones are looking to increase the size of their warehouse in the next year or so.

The Result:

The Eureka M1 sweeper was ordered.

The set up ready for delivery was limited as Cooper & Jones was conveniently located a few hundred metres away for the ASC Warehouse.

The time from demonstration to delivery/training was very quick and the yellow sand is now kept at bay while Larry looks at the vacant blocks to quickly fill up with new businesses.