Cooper & Oxley M1- East Freemantle WA

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023


The Client

Founded in 1952, Cooper & Oxley have a distinguished history in Western Australia.
They are a leader in the commercial construction sector, specialising in the commercial, infrastructure, civil and resources sectors.

The Challenge

The company was undertaking construction works at the East Fremantle oval.
During the demolition process, they were getting negative feedback from residents, regarding dirt and dust coming on to the road.

The Solution

The Company spoke to local ASC representative, Ross Sheehan, for a solution to mitigate complaining neighbours.
After looking at both the ASC Eureka M3 rider sweeper and the ASC M1 walk behind sweeper, they believed the M1 would be a better fit, when cleaning the roadways.
An ASC Eureka M1 sweeper was ordered.