Cordina Farms Maintains A Constant Cleaning Regime

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

Agriculture . Food & Beverages

Client Introduction

Cordina Chicken Farms is an Australian owned family business with 75 years experience in the Poultry business.

Founded in 1948, Cordina were privileged to be among one of Australia’s only exporters to supply chickens to England after WWII.

The Company produces a complete range of fresh chicken products to major supermarkets like Woolworths and Coles as well as delicatessens, restaurants and other food outlets.

Cordina Farms still occupies its original site today and now exports worldwide.

The Challenge

The company has many different production sections.

This includes a processing plant converting chicken into well-known nuggets, popcorn and many more varieties.

The issue the group was needing to address was the efficient clean-up of floor mess created while mixing raw ingredients in the mixing plant.

The facility has also has allocated walkways which can become slip hazards if not cleaned regularly hence the need to maintain a constant cleaning regime.

Corina Farms places a high value on hygiene & environmental best practice so engaging a reputable floor cleaning supplier become a high priority.

The Solution

Cordina requested a floor cleaning machine that was manoeuvrable, reliable and proven to be low maintenance.

Having previously used other branded scrubbers, the company wanted to avoid he pitfall of never ending machines failures, poor floor performance and high cost spare parts supply issues.

The site was assessed by ASC’s Scott Campbell and a solution offered; The purchase of the ASC Eureka E61 floor Scrubber.

The ASC E61 was ordered & fitted with sealed AGM low maintenece batteries.

The machine was also fitted with a corrosion resistant scrub deck.