Core Project Group M2 Takes On Board ASC Eureka M2

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023


Client Introduction

Core Project Group are located in NSW Central Coast city of Newcastle.

Core Project Group are an award winning commercial building company, who handle all sorts of projects for all sorts of clients.
From high-rise commercial buildings, to churches, universities, office fit outs and everything in between.

The Challenge

Core Project Group are building a multi-level high rise parking lot, behind their office in the centre of Newcastle’s CBD.

Building and developing such a large carpark, is delicate with many environmental challenges.

Construction site dust is typically talcum powder-fine and in some cases can be up to 1.3 inches deep.
Construction sites must take many precautions to ensure that debris and dust doesn’t escape work site areas and affect the surrounding environment and pedestrians.

The Solution

ADCO asked ASC’s Scott Campbell for a solution to their site needs.

They requested a machine to be construction site ready.

It had to be a heavy duty industrial build and designed to work in a harsh construction site environment, yet small enough to fit in their portable lifts.
ASC’s Scott Campbell organised a site demonstration of the ASC Eureka M2 sweeper, to prove the solution would work.
An order was immediately placed for the machine.