CPB Contracting (WA) joins ASC

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023


CPB Contracting (WA) joins ASC

CPB Contractors is the CIMIC Group’s construction company. CPB Contractors are a combination of two leading companies, Theiss and Leighton Contractors.

CPB Contractors recently moved into a new premise in the Perth suburb of Welshpool (WA).

Shawn from CPB head office contacted ASC’s Perth-based Manager Ross Sheehan. He said that he has used ASC machines in the past and was impressed by the reliability of the product.

The Challenge

The challenge of this new warehouse was that it has two separate areas. One is the mechanical section, while the other is the store/dispatch area.

The floor surface was concrete with a painted grey surface.

They needed a low-maintenance, easy-to-use sweeper for the mechanical area for collecting the dirt, rocks, and workshop debris as cable tie ends, cut bolts, and nuts. They were also looking for a solution to wash their painted floors.

ASC’s WA Manager, Ross Sheehan, suggested an ASC Eureka E 81 Heavy-Duty floor scrubber for their painted section as it was capable of tackling the heavy oil and grease build-up from the service bays.

The Solution

CPB’s Manager Shawn stated that a new floor scrubber was not warranted as it was going into an environment that would make the machine dirty from day one. They inquired about ASC’s ex-fleet machines that have been refurbished.

The ex-fleet machines were an appealing and ideal solution for them as they are low-hour use machines with near new running gear like new brushes, squeegee, castors, etc.

The Result

ASC’s Ross Sheehan delivered them a new Eureka MEP push sweeper for their sweeping needs and an ex-fleet Eureka E81 floor scrubber to the new site.

While there, Ross Sheehan met Beau, the Workshop Supervisor, and trained their four employees regarding the operation of both machines to a level suitable to CPB operating standards.