CRH Says Goodbye to Dust & Debris

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

Food & Beverages . Logistics & Distribution

CRH Australia, based in the Victorian suburb of Moorabbin, specialises in the Commercial Refrigeration & Foodservice sector. They are known as Australasia’s leading suppliers of Commercial Insulated Doors.

The Challenge

CRH Australia faced the challenge of dealing with dust in their warehouse and storage area. They contacted ASC’s Ken Pepyatand asked for a cost-efficient solution to help them get rid of black tyre dust and general debris on their floors.

They wanted their warehouses to look clean and presentable as labour time was too valuable to do the manually sweeping.

The Solution

Ken presented to the management of the company the benefits of the ASC Eureka M2 sweeper. The machine size proved to be perfect for their application, and the price was also in their range, so they purchased it.

A great choice for CRH Australia.