Cross River Rail M1 Brisbane

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

Construction . Transport & Railways

Client Introduction

Cross River Rail is an underground railway project through central Brisbane, which is currently under construction. Cross River Rail will see the development of a new rail line underneath Brisbane River and the redevelopment of a number of stations in the Brisbane central business district.

The Challenge

The construction site had a lot of silica dust due to the tons of concrete being poured every day. The site had narrow access and required a machine that was maneuverable and capable of holding large quantities of dust. When ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues was consulted to attend the site and recommend the appropriate solution, he proposed the ASC M1.

The Result

Rafael made sure to get the machine fitted with a Concrete Industry approved M class filter along with a constitution industry approved water misting system. This “misting system” is designed to suppress any airborne dust. Due to these upgrades, the machine could sweep the dusty floors with zero airborne dust. All the staff and management were very impressed with the ASC M1’s performance.