Cross River Rail Welcomes Custom Tailored ASC Machines

Updated on Monday, March 7, 2022


Client Introduction

Cross River Rail is an underground railway project through central Brisbane, which is currently under construction. Under this project, the development of a new rail line underneath the Brisbane River will take place along with the redevelopment of several stations in the Brisbane central business district.

The Challenge

The construction site has a lot of silica dust, with thousands of tons of concrete being poured daily. The site management was looking for a compact and maneuverable sweeper capable of holding large quantities of dust.

They trialed several industrial vacuum cleaners, which proved inefficient due to the sheer quantity of silica dust that had to be swept up.

The vacuum cleaner concept involved electrical cords that proved too dangerous, given constant water spillage while construction was going on.

ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues was requested to visit the site and recommend the appropriate solution for the issue at hand.

The Result

Rafael recommended that the only solution for this application was the ASC cement-approved Eureka M1 sweeper.

The machine is fitted with a Concrete Industry approved M class filter and an industry-approved water misting system, which is designed to suppress any airborne dust generated when the side broom is being used.

Due to the best filtration system coupled with misting system, the M1 sweeps the dusty floors with zero airborne dust, wet or dry. All the staff and management were very impressed with the ASC M1’s performance.

The company had no hesitation in placing large orders with ASC’s Rafael Rofriguez.