Crown Apartments Mackay Invests With ASC

Updated on Friday, September 16, 2022

Hospitality & Catering

The client

The Crown Apartments are beautifully positioned, high-rise apartments and Hotel facilities, that overlook the Pioneer River, CBD and surrounding areas in Mackay, North Qld.

The challenge

The Directors of the complex required a sweeper that was capable of picking up black tyre dust in their underground carpark.

The group had many sweeper options to choose from.

The local ASC representative suggested the heavy-duty ASC Eureka Mach 1 car park sweeper, as a long-term, low maintenance solution.

The ASC Mach 1 walk behind is specifically designed to sweep clean, large amounts of carbon back (tyre dust) effortlessly.

The Result.

The ASC Eureka Mach 1 battery sweeper was ordered.