CSR Interior Systems Eliminates Gypsum Dust & Debris

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

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The Client.

CSR Himmel Interior Systems is the leading Australian brand in aesthetic and acoustic interior solutions for Australian Buildings

The Challenge.

Plasterboard is made from gypsum (a chalk like material) and paper. When plasterboard breaks or gets chipped the chalk powder quickly spreads all over the floors. This material is not only very fine in nature but extremely difficult to sweep up.

CSR Inferior System in Victoria recently asked ASC’s Ken Pepyat for advice on how to keep their Distribution Centre Clean. He recommended the ASC Eureka M2 as a solution to meet their budget and cleaning expectations.

The ASC M2 has an oversized vacuum system inbuilt into the machine and utilizes a world class dust suppression system.

The combined vacuum and dust suppression system on the M2 sweeper is designed to ensure the elimination of gypsum dust & debris .

The Solution.

CSR decided to invest in the ASC M2 Gypsum Sweeper. It was a prefect fit for their operation and delivered them a world class showroom floor free of dust.