Cubic Takes Delivery of An ASC M1 With “M” Class filter

Updated on Monday, September 6, 2021


Client introduction:

Cubic is a leading provider of interior builds for the WA construction industry. Cubic is involved with the construction of the Elizabeth Quay site in the CBD of Perth which is overseen by Multiplex.

The Challenge:

The Elizabeth Quay site is a 3-year build and the contractors on this site are required to provide a site approved sweeper to keep the site safe of dust, debris and most importantly be able to control the spread of silica dust while the concrete construction get poured. The company looked closely at the industry proven ASC Eureka M1 battery walk behind sweeper with the option of the “M” Class filter to control the dust particles down to 99.98%.

They required a strong and robust machine that could handle the rigors of the construction world.

The ASC Eureka M1 had already proven itself on this site with multiple of contractors already using this sweeper successfully.

The Solution:

ASC WA Area Manager Ross Sheehan was asked to provide a detailed quote including the upgraded “M” Class filter.

Cubic then placed an order with Ross Sheehan.

As the ASC Eureka M1 is a stocked item in ASC Perth warehouse, this allowed for prompt delivery of the machine to the requirements of the Cubic organisation.

The Result:

Ross was able to arrange for the Eureka M1 to be delivered to the site.

Using a special purpose Mercedes Benz delivery Van with rear folding ramp, Ross is capable deliveries to all types of sites.

Once receipted, Cubic operators where then trained on how to use the machine.

They were also shown how to charge the maintenece free AGM battery provided.

The Cubic lads were very happy with the simple functions and were off cleaning cement dust in record time.