Cummaudo Farms Cleans Up Their Packaging Shed’s

Updated on Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Agriculture . Food & Beverages

The Client.

Cummaudo Farms was founded in Mirboo North, Victoria in 1959.

It is a third-generation family business supplying Australia with great tasting, quality potatoes. The company is well-known for supplying quality wholesale potatoes to Coles and Australia’s wholesale markets.

The Challenge.

Tony Cummaudo had the ongoing problem of farm dust & soil blowing in to his packaging shed from adjacent paddocks and when they unload and load trucks with Potatoes.

The brown farm dust builds up quite quickly and creates a film of dust on the packing shed floors..

Tony and Tom (Directors) asked ASC’s Ken Pepyat for a long term low maintenece solution on how to get rid of this problem.

Ken recommended the Heavy Duty ASC M3 sweeper as a best in class solution to their problem.

Following and onsite demonstration, the Directors were impressed with the ASC M3 machines ability to sweep and trap the dust.

The Result.

Problem Solved!
Cummaudo Potato Farms purchased the ASC M3 Heavy Duty Battery Electric sweeper.