Dardanup Bobcat Services Bunbury WA Large Capacity Sweeper Requirement

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023

Agriculture . Manufacturing

The Client

Dardanup Bobcat Services is a specialist machinery and services supplier in the Banbury area of WA.

They operate both sweepers and industrial plant.

The Challenge

The company has a significant logistics contract with the Laminex Group to supply specialist services.

As a long-term user of ASC sweepers John (Managing Director) from the Dardanup Group asked ASC’s Perth based Ross Sheehan for a recommendation to procure an additional ASC sweeper.

It had to be a large capacity sweeper that would sweep the Laminex grounds their large production floors.

Extremely fine timber dust was the main issue the plant had to contend with.

Ross recommended the market leading ASC Eureka M6 sweeper as a long-term low maintenance solution to achieve his aim.

The M6 sweeper has a market leading dust filtration system fitted to it allowing for efficient sweeping with zero dust generation while working.

The Result

An order was placed for a LPG powered ASC Eureka M6 sweeper.

The unit delivered to site was fully optioned with the addition of a reversing camera ensuring the sweeper met Laminex Safety standards.