Department of Defence, Port Wakefield

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023


The Client

Department of Defence, Port Wakefield is located 83 kilometres north, north-west of Adelaide.

The Defense property is used for weapons research and testing for the Australian Army and Royal

Australian Navy.

The Challenge

The Port Wakefield Defence site has many storage facilities within its grounds that had a dust build-up problem.

They were looking to rectify this as well as eliminating grease and oil stains that finds its way onto the floor over time.

The Solution

The Defence Department consulted ASC’s locally based Adelaide representative Luke Skrinjaric for a solution.

He recommended the heavy-duty ASC Eureka E 100 floor scrubber as a long-term solution.

Following the consultation, an order was placed for the machine.

When delivered, the site’s employees on site are were very impressed with the E 100’s performance, ease of use and overall quality build of the machine.