Designer Flakes Found ASC ME a Thorough Cleaning & Time-Saving Option

Updated on Thursday, February 25, 2021

Warehouses & Distribution

Designer Flakes is a Queensland based manufacturer of timber decorative seamless epoxy floors and walls, used widely in the commercial and domestic markets.

The Challenge

Bob Fletcher, Managing Director and flamboyant owner of Designer Flakes, had asked ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues to demonstrate the ASC MEP dustless manual sweeper.

Bob’s staff were predominately using vacuum cleaners to clean the dust off the floor, which was very time consuming and inefficient and expensive use of available labour.

The Result

Following a demonstration of the ASC MEP by ASC’s Rafael Rodriguez, Bob felt like he finally found a solution to his dust problems.

The ASC MEP picks up all the fine dust and saves a lot of time when compared to vacuuming and manual sweeping the floor.

ASC MEP Eureka Sweeper 4