DG Mainstream (Rocklea) buys an ASC M3

Updated on Thursday, February 25, 2021

Logistics & Distribution . Warehouse

DG Mainstream Warehousing Services is based in Brisbane’s suburb of Rocklea.

They provide high-quality warehousing & distribution services.


The company has a large warehouse based in Rocklea’s busy Ipswich road. Their warehouse has very high roller doors which naturally allows a lot of airflow to enter the building. As a lot of trucks enter and leave the building, the warehouse naturally becomes very dusty. The type of dust ranges from fine tyre dust to pollution particulate from cars and trucks.

Dust and debris was a constant problem for the warehouse staff.


ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues was called by DG Mainstream’ management for consultation on finding the best way to eliminate this dust issue while keeping their facility clean with minimal labour time.

Rafael organised a demonstration and gave the site crew a few options on how to best tackle their problem.

DG Distribution chooses the ASC Eureka M3 battery sweeper as it was a proven industry-leading sweeper and best in performance in that class segment.


The Warehouse Management decided to purchase the ASC Eureka M3.

The machine was purchased and delivered onsite within 2 days of the purchase order.

This investment has taken DG Mainstream on a whole new level and given their business an edge due to the cleanliness of their site.

The site now looks so clean that it makes a very good impression for both employees and visitors.