Drouin Secondary College Victoria

Updated on Monday, July 17, 2023

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The Client

Drouin Secondary College is a large secondary school in Drouin, Victoria, located outside of Melbourne.

The Challenge

Drouin Secondary College was in the market for a high quality sweeper.

They were quite clear with their instructions when speaking to ASC’s Ken Pepyat. They did not want to purchase a sweeper that within 5 years, would need to be replaced, or spend copious amounts of money maintaining it.

The machine would be required to maintain all the school grounds, including walkways, playing courts and carparks.

The machine would have multiple users and be expected to have a service life of 18 to 20 years.

The Result

The College just received their first ASC Eureka M3 vacuum sweeper, joining many school users around Australia.

Scott, the College’s Groundsman, commented that he had been eagerly awaiting the machines arrival.

He said that he had tested many other sweeper brands prior to purchasing the ASC.

He was quoted as saying that “the other brands just didn’t cut the mustard, after seeing the ASC M3 in action”.

He knew this purchase would make his school maintenance crew happy and cut down cleaning / sweeping time.