DSI Underground WA

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023


The Client

DSI Underground is Australia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of specialist strata reinforcement and support products, to the underground coal and metalliferous mining sectors.

The Challenge

DSI’s Kewdale facility in Perth, recently contacted ASC for a solution to sweeping their facility clean. Tyre dust, metal shaving and off cuts were all daily problems for the company’s staff to manage.
Prior to the engagement of ASC, the company was using a contract sweeping service a few times a week, to maintain its site.
The process, over time, proved futile, as the site’s OH & S standards were not being maintained, due to the nature of their operation.

The Result.

An ASC heavy duty M6 sweeper was ordered as their long-term solution, to achieve a dust free worksite.
The machine is intended to maintain the whole site, sweeping clean their production and distribution areas, as well as their extensive roadways system.