Durador Orange Relies On ASC Eureka’s Reliability

Updated on Monday, June 7, 2021


Client Introduction

Durador is a 100% Australian owned family business specialising in the supply of pre-hung metal clad doors & associated hardware to the Portable Building & Storage Industries Australia wide.

Durador’s products are manufactured and powder coated in their facility in Orange NSW.

The Challenge

Durador owner Roger had problems with light coating powder & dust blowing around his facility. Heavy winds are common in the Orange area and blow through their workshop.

Roger needed to minimise his dust problem as it was affecting the manufacturing process.

The Solution

Roger had used ASC products before & knew that they were reliable & robust machines.

He believed it would be his best option to stick with a brand he knew worked.

He consulted ASC’s Scott Campbell & was recommended a ASC E50 Scrubber and MEP push sweeper.

An order was placed for 2 machines.

Both machines were delivered and handover was performed.