Multi steps Industries Becomes A Happy Customer Of ASC MEPASC MEP At Multistep Industries’ Facility

ASC MEP At Multistep Industries' Facility Updated on Thursday, February 25, 2021

Warehouses & Distribution

Multistep industries (WA) Canning Vale is the market leader in the production and wholesale of high-quality food packaging of fresh produce, meat and bakery items.

Andrew (company manager) suffered from allergies, particularly Asthma as the dust and forklift tyre rubber was building up after moving into their new warehouse.

They use multistep stock plastic containers for the fruit industry like strawberries and blueberries etc. They have a high turnover of stock, while the forklifts and trucks created a lot of dust.

Prior to investing in the ASC dust-free manual MEP sweeper, they were using a petrol-powered blower to clean their warehouse.

The investment in the MEP sweeper with its vacuum and filter has made the job of cleaning a lot quicker while eliminating the airborne dust.

ASC’S Ross Sheehan personally delivered the new labour Saving ASC MEP sweeper.

ASC MEP At Multistep Industries' Facility