Earthcare Recycling Challenge Oil and Grease

Updated on Monday, June 12, 2023

Waste & Recycling

The Client

Earthcare recycling is 100% West Australian owned and operated.

Since their inception in 2010 they have become WA’s largest separation-at-source recycling business. They provide a cost effective and sustainable service to over 1,250 houses a year, working with some of WA’s largest home builders and developers.

The Challenge

The company was looking to invest in a small, walk behind floor scrubber, to scrub their workshop clean.

Their floors were painted epoxy.

They required a machine that would ensure the removal of oil and grease, as well as tyre marks off the floor.

The workshop services heavy vehicles, as well as small vehicles, so the machine had to be manoeuvrable and easy to use and maintain.

ASC’s WA Manager, Ross Sheehan, was asked to consult the company on the right machines to buy, after a referral from another happy ASC client.

The Result

The Company purchased an ASC Eureka E 51 heavy duty, workshop grade floor scrubber.