EGS Projects Major Sydney CBD Site Challenge

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023


The Client

EGS Projects provide quality demolition services. They are based in Camden, NSW.
The company embraces the Environmental, Safety and Quality Assurance to all its demolition services.
They undertake demolition services, removal of non-Friable Asbestos, strip outs, penetration and Structural modifications, complete demolition, as well as bin and rubbish removal.

The Challenge

The company was in the midst of reconstruction and demolition work on a major Sydney CBD site.
Under their charter of providing environmental, Safety and Quality Assurance on every job site, the company required the use of a wet wash floor scrubber on a loading dock, where rubbish removal was taking place. The machine had to operate wet and 100% dust free, as the nature of the dust extracted from the demolition site was unknown.

The Result.

ASC’s Scott Campbell suggested the purchase of the heavy duty ASC E 61 walk behind floor scrubber as their best choice.

The machine is designed to be highly manoeuvrable, easy to use, free from electronics and safe for any operator to use.

Apart from being designed as a low maintenance machine, EGS can be assured of full back up and long-term reliability.