Electro Parts Australia (based in Parkinson, Brisbane) recently received an ASC MEP Push sweeper

Updated on Thursday, February 25, 2021


The Company stores and distributes electrical and solar products.

The Challenge

Although the Electro Parts warehouse looks very tidy and organised but had a big problem with the quantity of airborne dust that was flowing through the warehouse.

When ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues consulted them their cleaning arsenal included hand brooms and blowers.
Dust got deposited on their stock and built up in their car parks.

They realised their biggest problem was the blowers, which they were using to get rid of the dust. But actually, these blowers were just spreading the dust back on to their stock & pallets.

This problem then added to their workload by staff having to wipe down black dust on every box prior to its dispatch.

It simply wasn’t a good look for their clientele.

The Solution:

The ASC MEP sweeper was demonstrated. This machine is battery-free and traps dust.

After only a 2-minute demonstration, Michael (The manager) saw just how easy it was to keep the floor clean using ASC’s industrial equipment as a solution instead of an air-blower.

Michael also loved the fact that the MEP was very efficient, durable and cheap to maintain.

Parts will always be available locally, and he loved our attention and customer service.

ASC MEP Eureka Sweeper