Electro Parts Australia (based in Parkinson, Brisbane) recently received an ASC MEP Push sweeper

Updated on Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Warehouses & Distribution

Electro Parts Australia stores and distributes electrical and solar products.

The Challenge

Electro Parts has a maintained warehouse that does look both tidy and organised; however, they have a huge issue of airborne dust that required a lot of effort to deal with.

Electro Parts Australia consulted ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues for a solution to their problem. At that point, their cleaning arsenal included hand brooms and blowers. Dust got deposited on their stock and built up in their car parks.

They were aware that blowers were their enemy that deposited all the dust on their stock and pallets instead of getting rid of it.

Their staff had to put in the extra effort of wiping down every box before dispatching it in order to get rid of the dust. Because the dust wouldn’t leave a good impression on the clientele.

The Solution

Rafael demonstrated the ASC’s MEP sweeper, which is battery-free and traps dust brilliantly.

Only a 2-minutes demonstration was sufficient to impress Michael (The manager). Michael was blown away by the performance of the machine, and he saw just how easy it was to keep the floor clean using ASC’s industrial equipment as a solution instead of an air-blower.

Michael also found the MEP to be very efficient, durable, and cheap to maintain.

Spare parts will always be available locally, and he loved ASC’s attention and customer service.

ASC MEP Eureka Sweeper