Emmaus College Solid ASC Sweeper Investment Since 2016

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023

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The Client

Emmaus College Rockhampton is a co-educational Catholic College, providing a unique educational opportunity for middle and senior school students.

The college is based in North Queensland’s Rockhampton region.

The Challenge

Way back in 2016, the College wanted a sweeper that would clean their school pathways and playing court areas.

Way back then they chose the heavy-duty ASC Eureka Mach 1 battery sweeper.

Recently, ASC Representative Nick Bilos visited the school to check on the machine’s performance.

The resulting free inspection revealed that the school’s groundsmen were happy with the machine’s sweeping performance and reliability after 8 years of daily use.

The Result.

The school can expect the ASC Mach 1 sweeper to be sweeping for another 10 years, before they think of any replacement.