Enviro Culture’s ASC Littervac

Updated on Thursday, February 17, 2022

Agriculture . Miscellaneous

Client Introduction

Enviro Culture is a leading services provider to both NSW and Victorian Governments. They specialize in all aspects of commercial landscaping, including playgrounds and parks. They also provide maintenance and rehabilitation works in sensitive environments.

The Challenge

Enviro Culture uses Littervac sweepers to their advantage. After the completion of any project, they always clean their sites, so they are dust and leaf-free. The advantages of using the Littervac sweepers for these jobs include easy transportation on a UTE or truck, ease of use, efficiency and easy maintenance. Recently the company made an inquiry with ASC to know about the availability of a heavy-duty ASC Littervac. On this occasion, the company was specifically looking to invest in a litter vac with a hardened steel impellor and frame to replace their very old machine. The problem they faced while researching the market was that nearly all the available Littervacs have plastic impellers and frames which aren't long-lasting. Enviro Culture was surprised when they stumbled across the ASC Littervac that such a heavy-duty product still exists in the market. The ASC Elgee Littervac is made using old-fashioned technology (Steel) and hand made in the USA (New York).

The Solution

An order was placed with ASC for a heavy Duty Littervac. It was delivered to the company’s Ettamogah workshop.