Eptec WA Sweeps Up Dust Particles

Updated on Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Ports & Shipping

Eptec is an Australian based company with over 20 years’ experience with in Asset Lift Extension and is involved with the Defence Forces, Transport, Public Utilities, Mining, Oil and Gas. The WA branch is based in the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson WA and are predominately engaged with the Australian Navy and sand blasting and painting the naval equipment.

The Challenge:

Eptec’s site consists of two sections, sand blasting and painting.

Serena and Ahmad (Eptec’s Managers) were looking for a simple sweeping machine that could be used by all staff to keep the front area of the production facility clean and clear of any sand blasting material.

They insisted on a machine needed to be strong and simple to use.

They also need a sweeper to contain any finer dust particles within the machine so the staff were exposed to less of the breathable air particles.

The site in general is very busy.

Maintenece takes place between the sheds and the dock where ships are removed from the water.

The Solution:

ASC WA Area Manager Ross Sheehan arranged to demonstrate two sweepers on site in Henderson with Serena and Ahmad. These machines were the Eureka MEP push sweeper and the Mach 1 walk behind.

The result:

Both machines work very well in the challenging environment of sand blasting.

The company choose the simplicity of the Eureka MEP with its vacuumed dust filter won over the ASC M1 due to the battery free dust control. This meant that the staff did not have the extra responsibility of charging the battery.

Serena arranged for the purchase and Ross was able to deliver the Eureka MEP sweeper to site and train up Ahmad and other staff on how to use the machine and also show how to maintain correct main brush pressure to get the best sweep out of the machinev