Essence Group Purchases ASC’S Double Reliability

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

Food & Beverages

Client Introduction

Essence Group is a leading Australian-owned contract manufacturer of infant nutrition products, listed medicines and dietary supplements.

Essence Group work with some of Australia’s largest brands and private label customers, to create a wide variety of products, including tablets, capsules, powders and sachets.

Essence Group have a large state of the art facility in Nowra, two hours south of Sydney.

The Challenge

This facility has many challenges. The process of manufacturing these products is complex, with many obstacles such as oddly shaped rooms with sliding doors and fixed equipment, surrounding the floors and walls.

Essence Group have employed three full time cleaners to maintain the complex and maintain high environmental standards.
50% of their facility is manufacturing, while the other half is used for stock warehousing.

The Solution

Essence Group knew they needed a floor washer (scrubber).

They called ASC’s Scott Campbell asking for a reliable and affordable machine that would do what they required.

Scott recommended the ASC Eureka E 50 walk behind scrubber and an order was placed for two ASC Eureka E50 super reliable floor scrubbers.
Both machines were in stock and installed by ASC’s NSW Area Manager, Scott Campbell.