ASC MEP Sweeper Increased The Cheesecake Shop Productivity by 10 Times

Updated on Wednesday, April 7, 2021

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The Cheesecake Shop started with just one store in the inner-west Sydney in 1991 and has now grown to be an international success with over 225 cake bakeries and over 2000 employees across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Recently the company paired with ASC to keep its large Villawood (NSW) plant clean by investing in a ASC Eureka E 50 floor scrubber and a ASC MEP sweeper.

The Challenge

Peter Goldsmith (Operations Executive) recently asked ASC to come and inspect his large Sydney mixing and warehousing facility.

Peter had a vast knowledge of floor sweepers and scrubbers and asked to see both the ASC MEP and the ASC Eureka E 50 floor scrubber demonstrated on his floor.

Peter wanted to be able to pick up spilt casting sugar and ingredients from his floor in the mixing plant.

The company’s main issue with cleaning was that as a rapidly expanding business its labour was not being used efficiently.

They could no longer rely on manual cleaning which was not only time consuming but proving very expensive and quality standards were not being met.

The Solution

ASC demoed the ASC MEP sweeper. This simple sweeping machine improved productivity 10 fold. What previously took an employee 3 hours to sweep now took 15 minutes.

To eliminate hand moping ASC recommended the Eureka E 50 floor scrubber which cut a 5 hour job manually cleaning into 45 minutes task using the ASC E50 floor scrubber.

The company paced an order for both machines and now can continue to do what it does best…. Make amazing cakes that we all love to eat.


ASC MEP Sweeper & ASC E50 Floor Scrubber 1

ASC MEP Sweeper & ASC E50 Floor Scrubber 2

ASC MEP Sweeper & ASC E50 Floor Scrubber 3

ASC MEP Sweeper & ASC E50 Floor Scrubber 4

ASC MEP Sweeper & ASC E50 Floor Scrubber 5