Expressway Spares Chooses ASC With Best In Class Maneuverability, Ease Of Repair & Build Quality

Updated on Thursday, February 25, 2021

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Expressway Spares is a major supplier of spare parts to the Earthmoving Industry.

Established over 50 years with multiple locations across Australia, Expressway spares investigated the possibility of investing in a walk behind floor scrubber for their Western Australian facility based in South Guildford.

They run a compact mobile workshop that gets dirty very quickly with grease, dust and oil.

As heavy equipment parts and machinery experts, they researched the market and after many demonstrations came to the result that the best and most reliable machine was the ASC Eureka E 51 heavy-duty scrubber. Manoeuvrability, ease of repair & machine build quality was high on the criteria list.

ASC’s WA representative Ross Sheehan consulted the company on their investment.

Expressway Spares’ new ASC Eureka E 51 should have a service life of some 10 plus years with minimal maintenance.

ASC E 51 At Expressway Spares Facility