Fastrack Fulfilment Efficiently Cleans Up With ASC

Updated on Tuesday, April 13, 2021


The Client

Fastrack Fulfilment is a 3rd Party Logistics ( 3PL) company with a model of service delivery. They are a specialist external provider to manage storage & distribution of goods and fulfilment of orders.

The Challenge

With a rapidly growing customer base the company had added an additional warehouse to its core operations in Ingleburn NSW.

The large facility needed to be totally dust free to ensure that outgoing stock was despatched perfectly clean on route to the end user.

The Management of the contracted ASC and asked for a high quality low maintenance sweeper that would efficiently sweep up dust and airborne pollutants efficiently without spreading dust.

The ASC Eureka M1 was recommended.

The Result.

The company chose to invest in the ASC Eureka M1 heavy duty battery sweeper.

The machine was delivered to site and installed shortly after the order was received.