FCR Motion Warehouse Dust & Debris Issues

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Warehouses & Distribution

The Client

FCR Motion Technology is a leading supplier of drive and automation technology with an extensive range of world’s-best products, solutions and systems.

The Challenge

Having owned a push sweeper from another company that clearly wasn’t meeting their needs, FCR asked local ASC sweeper expert, Ken Pepyat, for a recommendation to solve their never ending sweeping issues. Their issues were caused by dust blowing in from adjoining buildings and debris brought into their building, from delivery trucks coming and going all day long.

The Manager of FCR, Adrian Villanti, liked the concept of a vacuum push sweeper. He also liked the fact that it was hand made in Italy, with thousands of users across Australia.

FCR’s head office is in Italy, so they were aware of quality Italian built machinery.

The Solution.

FCR purchased the ASC MEP push sweeper from Ken Pepyat.