Fred’s Transport Shepparton (Vic) invest with ASC

Updated on Monday, July 27, 2020

Logistics & Distribution

Fred’s Interstate Transport in Shepparton transports packaging, food and beverage, building products throughout Australia.

Fred’s Interstate Transport has a fleet of more than 50 B Double vehicles and over 200 sub contractors to meet their demands.

Fred’s interstate transport started out in 1978 by Fred Borg.

Mr. Danny Borg contacted our office looking for a solution to clean his new multi million dollar workshop.ASC’s Ken Pepyat called out to site to inspect the application and recommended a long term solution for the company.

The Problem:

Fred’s Interstate Transport had just built huge workshop.

The problem they had was dust and dirt being trafficked in and oil and grease on their newly sealed floors.

The Solution:

The solution was the purchase of a Eureka E75 ride on low maintenance floor scrubber. The machine had a 75 cm cleaning path that perfectly fitted the needs for Mr. Borg.

Pictured is transport identity Mr. Danny Borg (Managing Director ) with his new ASC floor scrubber.