Freo Netball WA Dust Free Courts

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Client introduction:

Fremantle Netball Association (FNA) is based in the western suburbs of Perth and near the well-known Fremantle Port with it heritage listed building and bustling cappuccino strip.

They have a 6-month season and ages range from 7 years old though to adults, they run training programs for players, coaches, and umpires so they can all reach their full potential.

The Challenge:

Nearby the very busy Leach Highway is being redeveloped to cater for the high volume of traffic into the Fremantle Port. This is causing issue on the courts with dust and other fine debris landing on the 25 netball courts and causing some of the players to lose footing during games. President of the FNA Sondra contacted ASC WA Manager Ross Sheehan to visit the site to see if there was a solution. Ross found the surface could be easily swept by most of the ASC machines. He felt that an entry level ASC ME was the answer.

A demonstration was organized to see how effectively the ASC product would sweep the dust off the courts.

The Solution:

Two ASC Eureka ME push sweepers were ordered following the demonstration .

The result:

ASC’s Ross Sheehan was able to deliver the sweepers to the FNA with the Georgiou representatives in attendance to hand over the sweepers in a great community event between the two parties.