Fruitico WA Double The Requirement

Updated on Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Food & Beverages

Client introduction:

Fruitico are based 2 hours south of Perth in the fruit growing district of Meelon. They grow predominately grapes in this area for the international market and have farms further north where they grow tropical types of fruit.

The Challenge:

Andy, the farm manager purchased a ASC Eureka E83 ride on floor scrubber from ASC WA area Manager Ross Sheehan back in November 2018, Ross called in as he was visiting other companies in the region and found Andy and Fruitico had doubled the size of their production area and needed a sweeper.

Seeing as it was the off-season, Andy was able to show Ross around the new area.

What Andy needed was a cleaning system to control the amount of farm debris and soil from entering in from the outside apron into the packing area.

Typically dust & chunky objects, the occasional grape.

All this debris escapes the sortation process & falls of the production line.

He needed a sweeper that was heavy duty, simple to operate, be rust resistant to enable it to be washed down frequently to remove grape juice from the floor.

The Solution.

Andy was able to see the ASC Eureka MEP sweeper working which ticked all the boxes above.

He purchased the sweeper straight away.

The result:

Fruitico now have two very reliable ASC Eureka machines to keep the large climate-controlled packing shed clean.

They have confidence in the ASC product that will provide them with a cleaner site for the long term.