Galintel Acquire An ASC Eureka M3

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Construction . Steel Manufacturing

Client Introduction

Galintel is part of Nepean Building and Infrastructure, servicing industries across Civil, Architectural, Mining, Construction and Galvanising.

Nepean Engineering and Innovation is now one of the largest privately-owned engineering service providers in Australia. It has built up an elite design and project management team that understands the diverse nature of engineering.

The Challenge

Galintel have a huge and harsh environment where they fabricate Australia’s highest quality galvanised steel lintels for the building industry. The galvanisation process creates a lot of carbon, zinc and forklift dust. Metal shavings are also very common.

The NSW EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) have strict rules and regulations that the group has to follow. For that matter, Galintel were looking for an efficient solution, in order to prove to the EPA that they have a sweeper to match up to the set standards.

The Solution

ASC’s NSW Area Manager, Scott Campbell, met with Stephen Mann (Maintenance Supervisor) to understand Galintel’s issues and requirements.

After the consultation, Steve made the decision to purchase the ASC Eureka M3. He liked the machine’s cleaning capabilities, alongside its premium robust build and quality. Scott delivered the ASC Eureka M3 and trained both day and night shift employees.