Heavy Duty ASC M3 Sweeper – High Quality Equipment to Eliminate Build Up of Dust & Debris

Updated on Monday, July 27, 2020


Garfield Sawmill is a specialist timber milling hardwood company based in Melbourne’s outer eastern suburb of Pakenham.

The Challenge

Cutting and milling timber naturally generates a lot of dust. As the timber dust is so light and micro fine, wind scatters this dust around the site very quickly.

Ron Miller, Founder and Managing Director, had trouble with this fine sawdust spreading around the building and his insurance was being compromised due to fire risks.

Ron was also keen to make his facility cleaner and dust free. This would ensure the employees would have had better working conditions.

Implementing a system and using the ASC M3 would eliminate the buildup of dust and debris on the floor.

The Solution

ASC’s Victorian Manager Ken Pepyat had arranged an onsite demonstrated of the ASC M3 sweeper to Ron Miller at his large Packenham facility.

Ron trialed the Mach 3 and was extremely happy with the ASC M3’s sweeping performance and dust filtration system.

Ron is an astute buyer and only buys proven quality equipment.

He could see the build quality of the ASC M3 sweeper at the onsite demonstration and chose to invest in the M3 for his site cleaning needs.

A great choice Ron!


ASC Eureka M3 Sweeper

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