Geelong Port ASC M8

Updated on Thursday, April 4, 2024

Ports & Shipping

The Client

Geelong Port is Victoria’s second largest port, located within Victoria’s largest regional city, Geelong.

Managing close to 12 million tonnes of cargo and 600 vessel visits per year, Geelong Port supports the agriculture, construction, energy and tourism sectors.

Situated on Corio Bay, Geelong Port is located 75 kilometres south west of Melbourne in Geelong, Victoria. Operating over 90 hectares of land and comprising of 15 berths over two primary precincts, Corio Quay and Lascelles, Geelong Port provides land, infrastructure and services to facilitate trade for some of Victoria’s largest businesses.

The Challenge

Due to the variety of products that gets both loaded and unloaded onto the ships at Geelong Port, there was a very large requirement to sweep up the berth as each ship enters and leaves the Port.

Non Stop sweeping is done to avoid cross contamination and mitigate any chance of debris falling into the surrounding waters.

Prior to Geelong Port’s consultation with ASC, the company were engaging the sweeping services of a local street sweeper.

Due to the need to increase the productivity of the cleans, Geelong Port went to the market looking for a suitable street sweeper, designed to cope with large area sweeping, yet have the sweep path of a conventional street sweeper.

They found ASC.

Very soon, discussions were entered into, as to how best clean their berths.

It was soon discovered the best product for their particular application, was the ASC Eureka M8 diesel powered, heavy duty street sweeper.

The Result.

Geelong Port invested in a new ASC Eureka M8, fitted with an extendable side broom and an air-conditioned cabin.