General Diesel Services Scrubs Up With An ASC E51

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Client introduction

General Diesel Service is in the eastern industrial WA suburb of Bellevue.

It’s been owned by the Parora family since 1983 and has now grown to now service, the Automotive, Farming, Mining, and Exploration sectors. Their workshop has technicians experienced in truck and bus repairs, engine rebuilds and replacement, gearboxes, brakes, and they also have field service team.

The Challenge

Craig Parora has been using a ASC floor scrubber for the past 10 years and it was time to replace the tried and proven machine with something new. He made connection with ASC head office in Sydney, and they arranged for the WA Area Manager Ross Sheehan to visit the site with a demonstration machine. The workshop has room for up to three large vehicles. At the end of each service, the floor is swept and scrubbed clear of oil and grease ready for the next vehicle. Due to heavy vehicles and the wear and tear workshop, the floor has to be repainted every two years.

The Solution

Ross organised a demonstration.

On this day, the Eureka E51 base model was the machine that impressed Craig most. He found it was easy of use (only two buttons and one foot pedal). Most of all was the ease of changing from the PPL brush to the Pad Drive, which cleans the painted floor but is not as abrasive as the PPL brush.

The Result

Craig placed and order for the ASC Eureka E51 on the day of the demonstration.

This included the purchase of both a brush (PPL) and a pad driver.

The PPL brush was to be used for concrete cleaning and the Pad drive with red pad to clean the painted workshop floor areas.

From the photos you can see how well the machine works.

Using both the pad driver and a detergent suitable for the sealed floors should extend Craigs painted floor’s life out to three years or more.

The machine was a stock item supplied from the new larger ASC WA warehouse.